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Merima Šabanović - The nomadic life of scientists

June 28, 2021

Merima Šabanović is a PhD student in the Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Programme in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. She grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and moved to sunny Abu Dhabi to study Biology, with specialization in Brain & Cognitive science and a minor in Psychology, at New York University Abu Dhabi. Her interest in behavioural neuroscience has led her to study psychedelics and focus on how these can impact cognition and brain structure in the long term after a single dose. 

She gives us some candid insights about the ever-changing and temporary nature of academic life and what institutions can do to truly move the needle on being more diverse and inclusive.

Outside of the lab, she also volunteers as a peer supporter in the university and as a bereavement counsellor in Oxfordshire.


  1. Merima’s ResearchGate profile
  2. Merima’s work featured in the Nautilus magazine
  3. Merima’s student profile at NYU Abu Dhabi 

Audio-transcription of the episode

Interviewed and edited by Dr. Shruti Muralidhar, Audio content editing by Abhishek Chari, Music from Lee Rosevere. Other projects by Shruti Muralidhar: BiasWatchIndia and IndSciComm.

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